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Directed by Angela Criscoe

On the evening of a father/son fishing trip, Ryan learns his father's Alzheimer's is progressing, but decides to continue with the trip. When his father fails to recognize him and becomes belligerent, Ryan must turn to the past to find a memory that will trigger their connection before the bond they once had is forever gone.

"When the memories we've made become the moments that ground us."

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Angela Criscoe

Angela began her journey in television working as an editor, director and copywriter for broadcast. She has written, produced and directed a variety of short films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and web series. 


She is an M.F.A. graduate of Film & Television at SCAD, Savannah College of Art & Design, in Atlanta. 

RECON, her most recent film, stems from personal experience and she had the opportunity to work with some very talented professional actors.

This is how it happened...

RECON was inspired by a story about my husband and his father. They both loved fishing, however when my father-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, it was a reality that took time to understand. We researched and learned so much about Alzheimer's because we wanted to provide my father-in-law a life of quality and normalicy, or at least what seemed normal to him. One article I read really stood out to me as it discussed about being in 'their world.' My mother-in-love, she was such an inspiration to me, once told a lady with dementia who was waiting for her husband to come home, that he was dead and that her kids were all grown up. It horrified me that she said that, because I immediately realized that this woman who had dementia truly believed her husband was coming home and her kids would be returning from school. That's when I started paying attention to my father-in-law's world.  If we spoke to him as he believed the world really was, he was much more compliant, open to talking and happy. RECON is a reflection of this revelation. It's about using memories to reconnect with those who have Alzheimer's Disease. And the simplistic message is, make memories with your loved ones, it's how we connect with others when words are hard to find.


RECON gave me the opportunity to work with Chase Wainscott who was 11 at the time of the production. I love working with children because, for me, it is one of the most rewarding and inspiring activities of directing. Chase's attitude was great and he showed a great deal of focus and determination for getting the emotion I wanted.

Larry Herring and Alpha Trivette had chemistry from the beginning.  It's an interesting story as to how I cast them. We had already put out the casting call and had several talented actors lined up to audition for old Ryan and old Dad. But as I went through the head shots, I wasn't seeing the characters. So I started trolling the internet and ran across Alpha Trivette's information and his reel. After I watched it, I KNEW I had to cast Alpha. So I facebook messaged him , sent him a script and asked if he would be willing to come in for an audition. In the meantime, I ran across Larry's information. I sent him the script through facebook and asked if he would be come in for an audition. Soon after that message, I received a message back from Larry saying he loved the script and would I consider reaching out to Alpha Trivette. Of course I was elated and let him know that I had already reached out to Alpha and I was waiting to hear back from him.  Within a couple of hours, the two messaged me back and requested that they audition together at the same time. I agreed.  They were my last team to come in and audition.  After going through the auditions, I had a couple of people that could play the role, but it still didn't feel right.  Then in came Larry and Alpha.  Their audition lasted about 10 minutes. I thanked them for their time and let them leave. I turned to my casting director and asked her if it was unprofessional of me to run out after them and tell them I want them for the roles? She laughed as I darted out the door. They had already left the building, but as you now know, they both accepted and their chemistry really shows on the screen. Off screen they are just great together. I really want to write another script just for them.

Charlton Hoag was another interesting audition. He came in prepared and when he was auditioning he was playing the character so much more differently than I had planned, but I LOVED it!  I asked him change the character up and give him direction of how I had planned that character to behave, and when he played it out, he did a good job...but I still liked his interpretation of the character. He and Chase together were really great to work with and their talent is well reflected in this film.

Deborah Childs played a small but very important role in this film.  I had to find an actress that could show compassion yet be stern in her speech. Deborah did a great job with this in her scene with Larry. She had worked with Alpha before which made the time on set so much fun and light, especially when the topic and setting could be a bit dreary.

The entire cast and crew worked very well together. The collaboration, excitement and hard work paid off. I hope I get the chanced to work these talented people again!

Alpha Trivette

Old Dad


Deborah Childs


"Our shoot took place in a beautiful setting deep in the heart of Georgia. It was wonderful to team up with Alpha again and I was very impressed with my "son", Larry Herring. The crew made every thing go smoothly. There was one stray alarm that went off that was quickly dealt with, but if you have been on film sets and that's the only hiccup that occurs, it is a record day.   I can't wait for our next adventure."

Larry Herring

Old Ryan

"As an actor, it's so refreshing to work with a director who is organized and focused yet flexible enough to allow the actor to really explore the character. That is Angela. She's more than a director; she's an artistic collaborator that excels at bringing out the best in the whole team. And as a result, the excellence in the final product speaks for itself."

Charlton Hoag

Young Dad

Chase Wainscott

Young Ryan

"The cast and the crew were all AMAZING to work with!  I especially enjoyed that Ms. Angela trusted me and let me make the character my own, but still made time to have some fun too!!  I am so proud to be a part of this special film - my great-grandmother had Alzheimer’s Disease which made the film even more special for me.


My son had the honor to work with Angela on her short film RECON.  She was extremely professional, kind and went the extra mile to make my child actor’s experience an amazing one!  The whole process from casting to filming was a real pleasure and we can’t wait to work with her again!     - Courtney Wainscott, Mother

Dawson Criscoe

Army Dad

"The shoot for Recon was my first big role and it was truly quite an experience that I will never forget. This is just the beginning of my journey to being a full time actor."

Ken Garland


"Having spent a 30-year career in adult mental health, the subject matter of RECON was something very near and dear to me, and I am delighted to have played a part in this film."

Billy Sutton

Fishernan Jim

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