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Preparing for the 48 hour film challenge

4 Weeks Prior to Event

Identify Producers - Reserve locations 

Identify Writers - Review Hero's Journey

Identify Editors - Create folders on Server

3 Weeks Prior to Event

Identify Director - Cast Actors

Identify Camera Op - Assist with Casting Directors 

           - Both should identify equipment & lighting needs and reserve equipment

           - Review Shot types

Producers should review the list of other positions & begin assigning roles.

Once you are assigned a role...LEARN IT WELL!


Here is a list of crew (small crew) with links to information about their role within a film. There is so much more about each of these positions, but this will give you a basic start.

Producer - Preproduction / Equipment / Set Management / Time Keeper

Writer - Scriptwriter

Director - Actor Performance / Shot list

Script Supervisor - Makes notes on script for editor

1st AD - Manages Shot Lists, Roll Calls, Communicates to Crew

Camera Op - Equipment, Shots

1st AC - Equipment, Focus Puller if necessary, Camera Report

2nd AC - Slate

Boom Op - Manages mic placement

Sound Mixer / Recordist - Operates sound recording device. Communicates bad/good audio to 1st AC to add to Camera Report

Gaffer / Lighting - Sets up and strikes lighting as requested by Director / Camera Op

Wardrobe / Hair & MakeUp - Identifies best costumes, hair and makeup looks for the film

Set Dresser / Prop Master - Acquires set pieces & props for each scene. Manages items on set.

PA - Helps where needed on set.

Graphics / Titles / Credits Editor - Creates Slates, Graphics, Titles, and Credits for Editor

Editor - Logs footage, builds sequences into a film using editing software. Exports to the proper format.

Music / SFX - Identifies music and sound effects for Editor

BTS / Documentary - Photographs behind the scenes activities

Walkie Talkie Lingo - Walkie Talkies are how we will communicate. Learn how the lingo!

More details can be found on Indie Film Hustle.

2 Weeks Prior to Event

PA Academy - The basics of Walkie talkie Lingo and expectations of PAs


1 Weeks Prior to Event

Producers should have a schedule in place. This will be a production meeting to include CALL TIMES, potential WRAP TIMES, LOCATIONS.

Review positions. Complete & sign paperwork.


48 Challenge

FRIDAY Meet 30 minutes prior to release of info. Call times and expectations will be posted for everyone. As soon as we receive the info, the two writers will begin writing the script.  Director and Producer may be present.


SATURDAYCall time should be around 9:30 a.m. with first shot at 10:30 a.m. Wrap for Saturday should be no later than 8 p.m.


SUNDAY- Call time is 9:30 a.m. for Producer, Director, and Editors. Deadlines are usually around 7 p.m.

Producer & Director should go through ALL paperwork to ensure they have everything required for submission.

Most challenges have the information on a website. Visit the website and go step by step.

Teams lacking in required information will be disqualified.  Don't make this production a wasted effort.

Plan a screening of the film for the cast and crew.

DO NOT release the film until it has gone through the festival circuit.

That's a WRAP!

More Resources to help you Prepare!

Writing the 48 hour film script.

Continuity isn't just about leaving a coffee cup on the scene (sorry GOT).

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