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Artistic Collaborator - Passionate - Hardworking

Skilled Producer | Director at heart |  Passion for Filmmaking

Angela Criscoe 

I love that we are in an era when storytelling can be expressed in so many different forms.

I strive to learn new things everyday.

Working with kids is fun, challenging and inspiring.

Music always pulls at my heartstrings.

Camping is relaxing, I love a mountain view.

Teaching is a passion, especially when I teach my passion, filmmaking.

A Dance In Her Shoes

"A gifted and hard-working filmmaker, with a knack for working with children, she is always ready to inspire with her positive and outgoing personality.”
                                                                            -Robyn Hicks, Producer/Director

No Cents Math

She's more than a director; she's an artistic collaborator that excels at bringing out the best in the whole team.                       - Larry Herring, Actor

For Life

"Smart and Passionate. One of the best directors I've worked with."
                                                                - Adam Wagner, Cinematographer
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