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Film & Television Producer | Director | Video Producer
Associate Professor Film, Television, Digital Media Production

Associate Professor
Mass Communication Program Coordinator

Georgia College & State University

I began my career over twenty years ago in broadcast television production. Since then I have produced, directed, shot, and/or edited a variety of short films, documentaries, web series, commercials, and broadcast shows.

As an award-winning scriptwriter and director, my success comes from those who have collaborated and supported the projects of which I'm honored to create.

I teach filmmaking as a team effort that requires trust, communication, and a positive attitude at every phase of a project to ensure quality and productivity.


Teaching others the craft of storytelling through the lens both in the classroom and on set is a passion.  My research interest is in new technologies and innovative film and television production processes in storytelling for the purposes of informing, persuading, and entertaining audiences across multiple platforms.

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